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Vibe Of The Day #044 – Day Wave

Damn I love the chorus of this track! Californian native (this will make more sense once you listen) Jackson Phillips creates sunny lo-fi dream pop under the moniker Day Wave. ‘Drag’ is his third single unleashed onto the world and has immediately bookended itself as his most catchy and perfectly crafted to date. Which is saying a lot once you listen to his previous singles ‘Total Zombie’ and ‘Nothing At All’ (go listen!). Check out the summery vibes of ‘Drag’ below.

Vibe Of The Day #043 – Gosh Pith

Having previously dropped their stunning debut ‘Waves‘, self proclaimed “cosmic-trap” duo Gosh Pith (try saying that 10 times quickly and you’ll end up projectile spitting…) have released new single ‘Prints’.¬†Deep grooves and abrasive guitars clash in this tasty new number from the Detroit duo, with anticipation definitely building here towards their debut EP release in the next few months. Check out ‘Prints’ below:

Vibe Of The Day #042 – Mt. Wolf

Sounding like a mix between local Australian acts Lowlakes and Battleships, London 3-piece Mt. Wolf aren’t breaking new ground with new single ‘Hamburg’. But what they’ve created here is damn tasty slice of atmospheric gospel-pop. Sprawling for over 6 minutes, the track slowly builds from its humble acoustic beginnings until the rumbling bass and skitz electro-drums clack in with delay-soaked guitars, all the whilst complemented by haunting but soothing vocals. By the sounds of this and their previous single ‘Red’, their upcoming EP ‘Red’ will certainly be one to look out for in 2015.

Vibe Of The Day #041 – Head Of Sales (feat. Conner Youngblood)

We’ve been really digging Dallas/Nashville multi-instrumentalist Conner Youngblood at WAG HQ for some time now. He’s such a talented and dense songwriter and vocal wise he never fails to impress with his multi-tracked falsetto stlye. So it was with some deee-light that a new track has turned up on his Soundcloud on a slow-burner of a new track from unknown Lithuanian producer Head of Sales. Entitled ‘Miss America’, the track showcases Youngblood’s breathy vocals over a sultry and sparse groove. Check it out below and here’s hoping these two team up for more collabs in the future.

Vibe Of The Day #040 – Kagu

It’s always sad to see a super promising young band break up, but (like many break ups), good things can often come out of such a demise. That is particularly the case here with Kagu. There’s not much else we know about ex-Snakadaktal vocalist Sean Heathcliff’s solo career as Kagu, but one things for sure the promise shown by Snakadaktal has flowed into his new project. In spades. Check out Kagu’s debut single ‘Shadow Of The Wind’ below. We’re totally looking forward to his debut EP – due out soon via Liberation.

Vibe Of The Day #039 – Vallis Alps

Billing themselves as an “Acoustronic duo from Ameristralia”, Canberra vocalist Parissa Tossif has teamed up with Seattle producer David Ansari as Vallis Alps to release a stonker of a debut track in ‘Young’. Forming part of their debut EP, ‘Young’ floats along throughout with shimmering guitars and breathy vocals overlaying a driving beat and warped melody line. I suggest these two will be on many people’s ‘best-of lists’ come the end of 2015. Check out ‘Young’ here and click through to their Soundcloud page for the rest of the self-titled EP.