October 27, 2016

“I locked myself away for a year, in the small cabin on my parent’s farm that was aptly named ‘Agrabah’,” Edward R. explains of the writing and recording process for his debut EP, and the genesis of the name of his debut EP 'Agrabah'. “The songs on Agrabah all came from a dire need to regurgitate everything I had on my mind and soul. These songs were the truest me I could have ever been at that point in my life. I didn’t have any preconceptions writing the material, I wasn’t even trying to write, I was purely enjoying unadulterated writing. No pressures, no time limits, no people in my ear hustling me to pay rent or petty life qualms. I could actually hear myself think.”

The best records take time. The best records are painstakingly written, re-written, revised, updated, rewritten again. The songs themselves having been on a journey - growing, maturing and developing with each incarnation. Some of the songs on Edward R.'s debut EP 'Agrabah' were originally conceived by a 17 year old Edward R. growing up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Several years of nomadic exploration later, including enlightening and brain warping soirees and musical adventures throughout London and Europe, Edward R. returned to the unassuming beachside community on the Sunshine Coast where, drawing on his life journey so far, he begin fine tuning the tracks off 'Agrabah'. A year later, his nomadic tendencies led him to shift his life down to Melbourne, yet another journey for this batch of songs before they were completed in the loft of a Brunswick sharehouse. As they say, the journey matters more than the destination. And in the case of 'Agrabah' the journey of Edward R. has helped create a destination full of exquisitely well-crafted and uplifting indie-pop gems.

From the reverb soaked piano stomp of opener 'Who's Going To Love You', through the split-time signature of 'Wolves And The Water' - currently sitting at #5 on the Billboard/Spotify USA Viral Charts, the lyrics "representing a longing to be home, whilst knowing you are in a place in your life that you never thought you would succumb to" - to the building crescendo of previously unreleased 'Dance For Me', which for Edward R. the "ending was a triumph in my ears. I would highly recommend being high, closing your eyes and going for a ride", 'Agrabah' is an astonishing debut release and one we're super chuffed at We Are Golden to release. 

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